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The Arizona Paralegal Association is proud to be an affiliated association of NALA, the Association for Paralegals, since 1989.

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) is the leading paralegal association in the U.S.  Its mission is to provide continuing education and professional development programs to all paralegals. NALA provides current information about the profession, continuing education programs (publications, courses and webinars), networking opportunities, professional certification programs, occupational survey reports, and publications to help paralegals excel in the workplace. NALA is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(6), representing more than 18,000 paralegals, who are individual members or members of NALA affiliated associations.  

NALA is a membership organization. This means that the individual members of NALA are the leading force of NALA programs and policies. Through NALA, paralegals across the nation have come together to develop programs and standard setting codes to help them grow in the work place. The association is governed by a Board of Directors, and maintains an office and headquarters staff in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

NALA is a trade name (filed in Oklahoma in 2003) for The National Association of Legal Assistants which was formed on April 10, 1975 in Oklahoma. 

You can find NALA online at www.NALA.org, or you can contact our NALA Liaison at NALALiaison@azparalegal.org.



March 12 – Legal Project Management 101

March 17 – Building and Sustaining Dynamic Legal Teams for Success

March 20 – Co-Op and Condo:  New Laws, All Sides

March 25 – 2020 Employment Law Potpourri

April 7 – Trial Prep Tools

April 15 – Everyday Ethics for Paralegals

April 28 – Bankruptcy Does Not End Litigation

National Business Institute


3/12/20  – Estate Planning:  New Laws That Make Old Tools Obsolete

3/16/20  – Handling the Workers’ Compensation Case From Start to Finish

3/17/20  – Drafting, Negotiating and Reviewing Real Estate Contracts

3/20/20  – Questioning Strategies for Litigators:  Depositions, Voir Dire, Cross-Examination and More

3/24/20 – Revocable v. Irrevocable Trusts:  Drafting, Administration, Top Uses

4/1/20 – IRAs and Retirement Assets in Estate Planning:  Recent Changes and New Tactics

5/1/20 – As Judges See It:  Top Mistakes Attorneys Make in Family Court

And many, many more…

On Demand Videos are also offered and can be found at https://www.nbi-sems.com/Results/63947?sort=orders-desc&page=1

Lorman Live Webinars


3/30/20 – Real Estate Fundamentals for Paralegals

3/31/20 – Legal Entity Management for Paralegals

4/17/20 – Landlord Responsibilities and Tenant Law Basics for Paralegals

4/20/20  – Paralegals Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

4/23/20  – Labor and Employment Law Basics and Paralegals

And many more…

Arizona Bar Association


3/11/20 – Ethical Challenges for In-House Counsel

3/12/20 – Airing it Out – Doing Business in Arizona

3/20/20 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?  Practical Strategies for When We Can’t:  A Primer on Special Education Law

3/25/20 – Drafting Wills in Indian Country

4/1/20 – Family Law First Series:  The Rules, Procedures and Discovery

4/10/20 – Effective Oral Advocacy

4/15/20 – Therapeutic Treatment of Neurological and Neurocognitive Injuries

4/22/20 – Time Management:  The Art of Being Productive and Reducing Stress



3/10/20 – Estate Planning for the Family Business Owner:  The Small Business Reorganization Act

3/17/20 – Title Insurance Solutions:  Surprising Strategies for Negotiating Coverage

3/19/20 – Nonresident Investment in US Real Estate:  Tax Traps to Avoid

3/24/20 – Contract Drafting Traps for the Unwary:  Indemnification Provisions

3/25/20 – Financial Exploitation of the Elderly:  Estate Plan Strategies to Protect You and Your Client

3/26/20 – Privileged Communications:  What’s Protected Between a Client and Lawyer?

To see other On-Demand and In-Person CLE opportunities, visit https://www.ali-cle.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInK-2oPOA6AIVx-DICh3oGwD9EAAYAiAAEgI56_D_BwE

Institute of Paralegal Education


3/12/20 – The Paraelgals Guide to subpeonas

3/18/20 – Legal Research and Writing:  Tips, Tricks and Handy Know-Hows for Paralegals

3/25/20 – Paralegal Ethics:  Handling Uncomfortable Situations

Discover more On-Demand CLEs at https://ipe.nbi-sems.com/Results/63947

National Constitution Center

Below are a sample of the On-Demand Courses available at https://constitutioncenter.org/cle-home/continuing-legal-education

Preet Bharar:  Doing Justice

Michael Tomasky:  How to Fix Political Polarization in America

When Religious Liberty and Anti-Discrimination Laws Collide

Public Education, the Supreme Court and the Battle for the American Mind

West Legal

3/16/20 – Legal Ethics:  Honesty and Settlement Negotiations

3/16-20  – Crowdfunding 2020:  Crowdfunding from the Investor’s Perspective

3/18/20  – The Basics of Digital Asset Planning

3/18/20  – Basics of Bankruptcy 2020:  Chapter 11 Operations and Financing

3/18/20 – Finding the Evidence You Need from Social Media and Cell Phones in Family Law

3/23/20 – Employee Misuse of Workplace Technology:  Polices and Responses

3/23/20  – Working with Challenging Clients and Opposing Counsel

So many good topics to choose from at https://westlegaledcenter.com/search/displayDailyWebcastSearchResults.jsf

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