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The Arizona Paralegal Association is proud to be an affiliated association of NALA, the Association for Paralegals, since 1989.

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) is the leading paralegal association in the U.S.  Its mission is to provide continuing education and professional development programs to all paralegals. NALA provides current information about the profession, continuing education programs (publications, courses and webinars), networking opportunities, professional certification programs, occupational survey reports, and publications to help paralegals excel in the workplace. NALA is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(6), representing more than 18,000 paralegals, who are individual members or members of NALA affiliated associations.  

NALA is a membership organization. This means that the individual members of NALA are the leading force of NALA programs and policies. Through NALA, paralegals across the nation have come together to develop programs and standard setting codes to help them grow in the work place. The association is governed by a Board of Directors, and maintains an office and headquarters staff in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

NALA is a trade name (filed in Oklahoma in 2003) for The National Association of Legal Assistants which was formed on April 10, 1975 in Oklahoma. 

You can find NALA online at www.NALA.org, or you can contact our NALA Liaison at NALALiaison@azparalegal.org.



NALA Webinars

These are LIVE courses— Search this site for additional available topics


NALA Campus LIVE! - Live web seminars are offered in two sessions each year, February—May and August—November.  Each session features about 30 on-line seminars. The audio files and handout material are copyrighted by NALA and the authors. They are for personal use only. Duplication of any of the material or any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

In addition to the Live Webinars, NALA has On-Demand Webinar Courses available.  https://www.nala.org/continuing-education/on-demand-webinar

NALA also has a wide variety of available Self-Study courses as well as the Live Webinars.  You can access the Self-Study courses here https://www.nala.org/continuing-education/self-study.  Many of these courses are recommended for preparing for the CP exam.



Live Video Webcasts


OnDemand & Downloads



  • 2/4/19 Medical Malpractice From Start to Finish
  • 2/5/19 Dealing with Problem Employees: A Legal Response Guide
  • 2/6/19 Uber and Lyft Rideshare Injury Litigation
  • 2/7/19 Advanced Strategies for Negotiating Claims with Insurance Companies
  • 2/7/19 The New CFPB Debt Collection Rules: 2019 Edition!
  • 2/8/19 Stock v. Asset Purchase Agreement: Pros and Cons
  • 2/11/19 Establishing a 501(c)(3) Organization
  • 2/12/19 Capital Gains and Income Tax Planning for Trusts, Estates, and Grantors
  •  2/12/19 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide
  • 2/13/19 Social Media Evidence in Divorce
  • 2/13/19 Jury Trials 101: A How-to Guide
  • 2/14/19 New Foreclosure Compliance Rules and Regs!
  • 2/15/19 Proving Pain and Suffering Damages in Personal Injury
  • 2/20/19 Expert Witness Depositions and Cross-Examination: The Ultimate Toolkit
  • 2/21/19 Employment Law 2019
  • 2/21/19 Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation: Doctor and Attorney Insights
  • 2/26/19 Advanced Divorce Litigation
  • 3/4/19 Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 3/5/19 Proving/Disproving Parental Alienation
  • 3/6/19 Updating Employee Handbooks: The Latest Rules and Guidance
  • 3/8/19 Medicaid: Maximizing Excluded Assets
  • 3/13/19 Key Medical Expert Deposition and Cross-Examination Tactics
  • 3/13/19 School Law: Social Media and Apps, Cyberbullying, Privacy and Other Technology Issues
  • 3/14/19 Everything You Don’t Know About E-Discovery (But Wish You Did)
  • 3/19/19 Top 9 Mistakes Made in Business Contracts
  • 3/20/19 How Trusts Affect Medicaid Eligibility and Estate Recovery
  • 3/28/19 Top Single Member LLC Mistakes to Avoid

And many more . . .

Lorman Live Webinars


You can find many more seminars listed at:



There are many OnDemand Webinars to choose from, also:


  • 2/7/19 Email and Memos for Paralegals: A Guided Tour Through Successful Writing Techniques
  • 2/12/19 Ethical Issues Arising After Attorney Leaves the Firm
  • 2/13/19 Strategies for Locating People Online for Paralegals
  • 2/18/19 Managing Medical Device Cybersecurity Liability: What Health Delivery Organizations Should Know
  • 2/19/19 Top 10 Topics You Need to Understand to Represent Craft Beverage Companies
  • 2/20/19 Using and Challenging Statistical Evidence
  • 2/21/19 A Primer on Social Security Disability Law
  • 2/22/19 Turning the Tables: Taking the Offensive to Defend Bad Faith Lawsuits
  • 2/25/19 Electronic Data Terminology & Trends
  • 2/26/19 Minimize Risk with Legal Case, Matter and Practice Management Systems
  • 2/27/19 Effective UCC Search Strategies to Minimize Risk
  • 2/27/19 How to Write Appealing Demand Letters
  •  2/28/19 Courtroom Essentials for Attorneys
  •  2/28/19 Food Law, the Clean Label Movement and Recent Updates
  • 2/28/19 Personal Injury Law for Paralegals
  • 3/5/19 Legal Writing: Editing and Proofreading Essentials
  • 3/6/19 Curing Title Exceptions
  • 3/7/19 Legal Protection and Guidelines Against Opioid Abuse
  • 3/11/19 Drafting and Enforcing Limitation of Liability Clauses
  • 3/14/19 Resolving Gaps in Real Estate Title for Paralegals
  • 3/15/19 Pursuing the Judge’s Guidance Outside of Conferences
  • 3/19/19 Legal Ethics in the Era of Social Media, BOYD, the Cloud, Data Breaches and eDiscovery
  • 3/20/19 Ethics and Law Office Management for Paralegals
  • 3/28/19 Data Security Breach Response

And many more . . .

Maricopa County Bar Association



  • 2/1/19 EPPT Fundamentals I: Where There Isn’t a Will, There’s a Way
  • 2/5/19 Changes to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure for 2019
  • 2/7/19 Practical Methods for Maintaining Personal Safety When Working with Aggressive Clients
  • 2/8/19 EPPT Fundamentals II: Basic Estate Planning
  • 2/13/19 Self-Compassion: A Surprising Tool for Building Resilience, Relieving Stress & Taking Risks
  • 2/15/19 EPPT Fundamentals III: Basic Probate Proceedings
  • ·      2/22/19 EPPT Fundamentals IV: Basic Guardianship/Conservatorship Proceedings
  • ·      2/28/19 Claims of Equitable Contribution Among Third-Party Defendants in Construction Defect Disputes: Are they Viable?
  • 3/7/19 How to Handle Eyewitness Testimony
  • 3/14/19 EPPT: Help Us Help You

Arizona Bar Association

OnDemand CLE


  • 2/6/19 Keeping Client Trust Even When Things Go Wrong
  • 2/6/19 Stop Letting Invisible Lions Eat Your Practice (and Eventually You)
  • 2/6/19 Attorney Advertising and Internet Danger Zones
  • 2/7/19 Common Ethical Misperceptions
  • 2/13/19 The Social Media Strategy Playbook: A Hands-on Approach
  • 2/20/19 Arizona Water Law: 2019 Update and Issues to Watch
  • 2/21/19 Nuts & Bolts of Special Needs Trusts and SO Much More
  • 2/27/19 Advanced Estate Planning: If an IDGT is a Bridge, is a BDIT a Bridge Too Far?
  • 2/27/19 Cultural Protection and Sacred Sites: Lessons from Badger-Two Medicine
  • 2/28/19 Construction Law Essentials: Collection Issues, Construction Defects and Public Works and Tribal Land
  • 3/22/19 Best Practices for Operating and Closing a Legal Practice
  • 3/27/19 VAWA Fundamentals and Updates for Indian Country

Organization for Legal Professionals

  • Online Courses in:
  • eDiscovery Project Management Certificate Program
  •  Legal Project Management
  • Legal & eDiscovery Project Management Short Course
  • Litigation Support Project Management
  • Paralegal Management Certificate Program
  • Project Management in Electronic Discovery
  • Computer Technology Skills for Paralegals

West Legal Education

  • 2/4/19 Subtle Harassment Code Words and Implicit Bias: Proving Everyday Discrimination in Court
  • 2/5/19 Blockchain Developments: Payments, Capital Markets, Enterprise and Patents
  • 2/7/19 Ethics in Review for IP: In-House and Corporate Attorneys
  • 2/7/19 The Fundamentals of RICO: Defendants vs. Enterprises
  • 2/12/19 Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Involved in Estate Planning and Asset Protection
  • 2/12/19 FAR Parts 15 and 36, Contracting by Negotiation, Construction, Architect & Engineer Contracts
  • 2/12/19 Ethics-Attorney Client Privilege for In-House Counsel
  • 2/13/19 Ethics and Cybersecurity: A Lawyer’s Professional Obligations Under the ABA Model Rules
  • 2/20/19 Copyright Litigation: The Year in Review
  • 2/20/19 2018 Basics of Bankruptcy: Individual Chapter 11s
  • 2/21/19 Retainer Agreements: Ethics and Practical Advice for all Attorneys
  • 2/21/19 Contract Drafting is Like . . . a Decathlon
  • 2/21/19 The Fundamentals of RICO: Patterns of Racketeering
  • 2/26/19 FAR Part 19 – Small Business Programs
  • ·      2/28/19 The Fundamentals of RICO: Civil Standing
  • 3/7/19 Maximizing Cause Challenges: Getting Jurors to Reveal Bias and Admit They Can’t Be Fair
  • 3/11/19 Ethics of Witness Preparation: Best Practices for All Lawyers
  • 3/12/19 Recent Developments in Asset Protection Planning During 2018 and in to 2019
  • 3/20/19 2018 Basics of Bankruptcy: Representing Creditors in Bankruptcy Cases

And many more . . .

Institute of Paralegal Education
Live Seminars

Webcasts & Webinars http://ipe.nbi-sems.com/Content.aspx?NavigationDataSource1=Rpp:20,Ns:pEventDateSort%7c101%7c1%7c,N:63944-4294952056

Webcasts & Webinars

  • 2/5/19 The Paralegal’s Guide to Client Intake and Evaluation
  • 2/6/19 The Paralegal’s Guide to Estate Planning
  • 2/11/19 Ethics of Email for Paralegals
  • 2/13/19 Medicare and Medicaid Liens for Paralegals: Navigating the Portal and Other Requirements
  • 2/19/19 The Corporate Paralegal’s Guide to Drafting, Recordkeeping and More
  • 2/21/19 Medical Records Made Easy for Paralegals
  • 2/27/19 Paralegal’s Guide to Divorce
  • 2/28/19 The Paralegal’s Guide to Locating Persons and Finding Background Information
  • 3/6/19 Advanced Auto Injury Claims for Paralegals
  • 3/11/19 Estate Accounting Basics for Paralegals
  • 3/13/19 Paralegal Ethics: Handling Uncomfortable Situations
  • 3/14/19 Organizing Discovery Documents: A Checklist for Paralegals
  • 3/19/19 Family Law for Paralegals
  • 3/20/19 A Paralegal’s Guide to Commercial Lending and Financing
  • 3/26/19 Becoming a Power User of MS Word and Excel: A Paralegal’s Guide
  • 3/27/19 Trial Notebooks & Exhibits for Paralegals
  • And many more . . .


The ALI-ABA site has excellent online CLE courses, forms, printed books, MP3 CDROMs, CLE DVDs, CLE MP3 Downloads, CLE Court Materials and Course Papers

  • 2/12/19 Advanced Estate Planning Practice Update: Winter 2019
  • 2/13/19 Drafting and Negotiating Restaurant Leases: Selecting Wisely from the Menu of Options
  • 2/13/19 False Claims Act 2019: Discussion with the Experts
  • 2/20/19 The Anatomy and Strategy of an Effective Letter of Intent
  • 2/26/19 Title Endorsements: Endorsing the Endorsements, Recommendations and More
  • 3/7/19 Preserving Privilege in the Corporate Setting
  • 3/8/19 Estate Planning with Retirement Plans and IRAs: How to Do It Right

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